I have been quilting since childhood, taught by my grandmother. She told me, when I was 8 or 9, that in order to get a husband, I needed to know how to sew and bake bread. I’ve never gotten the bread making down but, I’m happily wed to my 2nd husband for over a quarter of a century so, my sewing must have done the trick, right?

Pam’s Patchwork Paradise was born in July of 2006. I took my husband Hugh, to his first quilt show in June of that year and the first thing he saw at the show was the Gammill Statler Stitcher. His first words were, “Honey, why don’t you have one of these?” Wow! Was I in luck, or what? I told him that I didn’t have it because it cost more than our last brand new car. He was still breathing. Then he asked, “If you had one of these, you could quilt for other people and make money, right?” Of course, I said, “Sure, lots of people have other people quilt for them.” Right then, a salesperson walked up to us and asked if she could answer any questions. My fate was sealed. I didn’t have to say a word and I was the proud owner of a longarm quilting machine and deeper in debt. My husband has quickly become a quilt fan and, unfortunately, a proud member of the Quilt Police.

In January I had purchased a new Ford Mustang GT. In March, I had purchased a new Bernina 730e.  Now, with my new Statler Stitcher, I really had to figure out how to make my payments. Since then, I have added a Bernina 830 and in December of 2011, I became an authorized AccuQuilt Go! dealer. That loan just keeps being rewritten over and over and over…

I love my job. Getting to participate in the creation of my customers’ quilts is a totally rewarding experience. Many of my customers have entered their quilts in shows and have placed in the top three. My very first customer, Sandy Math, received Best of Show at our local County Fair. I just stood there and cried at the sight of our work hanging there with a gigantic ribbon attached to it. The prize money was a whopping $5.00 which I’m sure Sandy spent on more fabric – at least 2 fat quarters, I should think.

It’s quite a lot of fun to be an AccuQuilt dealer. We have so many great dies use to help all of us quilt with greater accuracy “Better cuts make better quilts.” Teaching AccuQuilt classes and doing in store demos is definitely more fun than work. The look in a customer’s eyes when they see 54 2 1/2″ fabric squares in a single slide through the Go! cutter is priceless. Using the strip cutters to demonstrate absolutely accurately edged borders and perfect biased binding is such a hoot. Just the timesaving feature of using the cutter for borders and binding makes the AccuQuilt Go! pay for itself. We lead such busy lives that anything that speeds up the quilting process is worth it.

I don’t really have a brick and mortar quilt shop. My quilting is done in my home and I sell my AccuQuilt machines, dies and accessories in my office at Hugh Heinecke,CPA, my husband’s office building. I do classes and demos at 2 of our area local quilt shops and travel to area quilt guilds to do demos and trunk shows.

I am always available to teach classes on creating and cutting quilts.

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